Leftists and Marxists trying to subvert the social narrative in the State of Idaho have a yard sign you can see in many places. It is a well-funded operation called “Love Lives Here CdA” which fundraises for Leftist messaging, or simply anti-Conservative messaging.

Leftists have tried to appropriate the idea of “love” as something which they believe that conservatives don’t have.

I know, right? The violent, hate-filled, viotriolicly motivated and deeply racist Marxist Left. But they’re full of love!

The Left does not own LOVE.

We’re taking it back.

Conservatives are deeply empathatic and filled with love.

Now you can share your conservative views and counter the Marxist narrative with conservative messages. This will be the first of many new signs in this line of messaging. Email us here to let us know what your own concepts are for localized conservative messaging.

Well Love DOES Live Here, after all!

proudly debuting the new Tangential Vision

“Love Lives Here” yard sign

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