We had a great time at Red Pill Festival!

It is time! Participants in our straw poll at July’s Red Pill Festival were invited to leave their contact information if they chose to be a part of a drawing for a brand new “Bolsheviks = Evil” t-shirt. Many of the straw poll participants chose to be anonymous, but these brave souls all jumped in to win a chance at this shirt.

So how did the straw poll itself go?



Participants were asked:

“What are the top three subjects you want to see more conservative messaging about IN THE PUBLIC or THROUGH POP CULTURE?”

These were the top responses in descending order of number of similar responses.

  1. 3 x Public school destruction of kids – Leftist agenda – public education
  2. 3 x Right to choose own healthcare – healthcare choice no mandates
  3. 2 x Medical tyranny – antivaxx
  4. 2 x No masks for schools – getting masks off kids
  5. 2 x Bring America back to her Christian foundation – Why Father, Son, and Holy Spirit?
  6. 2 x Let Americans know that they are the only ones who can preserve freedom – Independence – freedom
  7. Government Spending
  8. Government administrative overreach
  9. Exploiting Whitefish with international overexposure – Climate Change plan approved in Whitefish
  10. Opioid epidemic
  11. The “conservative = racist” fallacy
  12. Cyber security and cell phone security
  13. Unions
  14. Flathead Lake Tribe trying to change water rights
  15. Taxes on landowners
  16. Too many bears; overpopulated
  17. Critical Race Theory
  18. Right to privacy
  19. Right to self-defense
  20. Encourage families to stay together and discourage separation
  21. Illegal Immigration

What will we do with these responses?

We will be at Post Falls Gun Show August 14th and 15th. We will do another straw poll at that event and will add more submissions to this list from participants at that event.


The top submission from these events will become Tangential Vision’s next conservative values messaging promotion into the end of the summer 2021.