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In a recent article titled What is the Marxist Messaging Media Machine? I explained in detail the advantages which Leftists have over conservatives in terms of propagating cultural messaging. If you haven’t read that yet, I’d recommend reading that first.

Conservatives don’t think like Leftists think. Your common Leftist believes that if they follow orders and do just enough of the work pushing the rock up the hill that Utopia will be just over the bend.

We as Conservatives are different. We believe that each one of us has individual value, and often we feel that our own unique ideas are the best solution.

Leftists are compliant order-takers. Conservatives are rugged individuals.

To confront this difference, we cannot simply copy Leftists. We need to make our own individual outlooks for the future.

As Conservatives we need to write our own fiction, share it with one another, and become each other’s patrons.

What kind of future do we need to write about?

Hollywood and the literary world have spent the better part of a century brainwashing us with only two possible futures. In one of these futures an oppressive Big Brother government lords over us, protecting the planet and keeping humans in check. In the alternative future, we have rejected the Big Brother authoritarianism and so the world is a devastated environmental wasteland and it is a game of survival.

This is a false dialectic we have been sold. We can’t even see that because it is so ingrained in us.

Big Brother or Mad Max.

Conservatives need to challenge this by showing positive visions of the future. A future in which everything is still good and yet we are free and do not have an oppressive government. A variety of unique and individual future views in which being free does not mean the end of the world.

Conservatives need to come home and be writing positive, conservative-values oriented fiction every night after work.

This goal should encompass the participation of all of conservative American voters. The average Conservative works long hours to support his family.  This won’t be easy.

Every Conservative should write an hour per night. We will find our fellow right-minded peers who can help us edit our work. We will find the artists to decorate the pages, and the publishers to gather the work together.

Conservatives can and should take it upon ourselves to completely overwhelm the Marxist Messaging Media Machine with a critical mass of contrary and positive material.

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Isn’t fiction a waste of time when we should be focused on family, real life, religion, and supporting our families?

It is not a waste of time. Yeshua (Jesus) himself used parables/fictional stories to illustrate truths, instruct, and show his followers the right way to live their lives. This included examples of what to strive for and how to act on godly principles.

Does the quality of the writing or art matter? I would say no. The most important thing is the volume of a mass movement of culture creation. The natural thought leaders and most talented (potentially new) writers will simply rise to the top of the Conservative writing lists. Within this mass movement of intelligent people who have been on the sidelines, a structure of Conservative editors will emerge to help craft these stories.

Consider the prevailing culture of ideation as it exists. In today’s market we are witnessing some of the most shallow and talentless writing which Western Civilization has ever seen. The creative talent which has been “cancelled” by the Left is heads above the actual published or produced work the Leftist-controlled entertainment field is producing. This is why we see such a flourishing of investment and excitement into alternative sources of content creation such as the wildly successful “Comicsgate” movement.

“Entertainment field.” What a disgusting term. It’s no wonder Conservatives have a disparaging view towards creative work. We actively discourage our young Conservatives from engaging in the creative culture and then wonder why we have lost that field of battle almost completely.

We were not defeated in the arts by Marxists. We abdicated the battle without a fight.

Conservatives have a negative view towards creative work. Some of this viewpoint may be a result of the general blue-collar nature of much of the Conservative world. It could also be argued that part of the reason for this viewpoint is because of the overwhelming majority of the professional culture creation industry which is Leftist in leaning, and a desire to be unaffiliated with that crowd.

We have to change the creative shaming which happens on the Conservative side of the cultural divide. It is time for Conservatives to begin creating and sharing our own ideas with one another about how we can improve the world. We need to share the richness a positive family environment can bring to our individual communities. The more light we pour out into the world in every way, the less power Marxists will have over the minds of our nation. Marxists intentionally infiltrated and subverted the art world through communist rhetoric, degenerate lifestyles, and the glorification of drugs to artists. Through doing so they removed the ability of Conservatives to have a strong influence on our culture.

They’ve been gatekeeping us for decades.

We have to keep each other accountable to stop being passive entertainment consumers. We must create our own material and support one another in doing so. Whether that is through economic patronage, editorial support, advocating through word-of-mouth, or becoming local publishers.

So you’re saying that as Conservatives we need to write our own fiction, share it with one another, and become each other’s patrons!


This is a critical moment in the history of our country and Western culture. People all over the moral spectrum are waking up from decades of stupor and everyone knows that something is wrong.

The Marxists are trying to run naked to the finish line right before our eyes.

By creating a mass movement of opposing ideas and culture jamming them during the culmination of their efforts, we can create a broad motion against the Leftists. We can wake up those still slumbering. We can open eyes and win hearts.

The Leftists are already losing ground. Everyone can see the weakness of their ideas and the tired nature of their narratives. Let’s use that momentum to retake the cultural elevation.

Let’s take back the culture together.

  • J. James McFarland